Streamlined Service

We are able to operate where no other companies operate because we understand the whole process. From the stage of idea to the stage of repairing - we’re there, A to Z.

Market Research

Upon recognizing a need, we launch an intensive market research. We work with communities, local NGOs and business persons. We only move forward when we are certain we know what the solution is.


We work with a dozen of manufacturers around the world. Knowing their products and abilities, we make sure to select the right ones for the job.

Shipment & Distribution

From the factory to the hands of our customers, we take care of the whole process to make sure it’s effective, fast and affordable.

Powerful Mission

SolarBox offers people who lack access to electricity a better life using renewable energy technologies, by supplying reliable, affordable and easy to use solar kits.

More than 15 million people in the Middle East lack sufficient access to electricity. This affects their daily life and their opportunity for growth. Fortunately, it is possible to use the benefits of the sun to solve this problem, as the region has an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, making solar energy an ideal source for electricity production.

Unique features

People assume solar energy is a product of the wealthy. We don’t believe in that. SolarBox makes solar energy easy and affordable for everyone.

Off-Grid & self-installable

Our system is so small you can carry it everywhere. No infrastructures, no power plants. And it’s so simple to install, you don’t even need an installer.

Green & clean

No more polluting, unhealthy energy replacements. Our product is environment and health friendly.

Proven technology

Our systems are new to the region we’re selling them in, but are used widely around the whole world and specifically in Africa.

Easy to repair

Things sometimes break. Many companies just ignore this fact, but we make sure to train local technians to be able to repair our system fast and easily.


It’s easy to create a solar system, but it’s not easy to create an affordable one. We use the latest technologies and make sure to only include what absolutely necessary to keep the price down.

More than basics

Lights are important, but most people need more than just lights. A SolarBox has enough energy to power 2 laptops, 4 cellphones and even more - for a whole day.

interested in bringing affordable energy to your community?